Tell Connectional Ministries the resources your congregation needs!

May 06, 2021

The North Alabama Conference Office of Connectional Ministries needs your help!

Our mission is to help connect churches and leaders throughout North Alabama that will help them be as effective as possible in their ministries. For all of us, the past year has revealed areas where we want to sharpen our skills and find new ways to enhance our ministries. Connectional Ministries wants to help you find the resources to make that possible.

To help gauge what resources are most needed and will be most helpful, the Office of Connectional Ministries invites you to complete a resource survey available at this link.

Connectional Ministries is already working on ways to compile and share resources, and your input will be invaluable in helping prioritize what resources are considered.

“We believe that some of our most important work in Connectional Ministries is helping local churches and leaders across North Alabama connect with high-quality resources that will help them be as effective as possible in their ministries,” says Associate Director of Connectional Ministries Rev. John Fleischauer.

While planning is still underway for the resources that will be made available, it is expected that they will include everything from articles to certification programs from a variety of sources. Resources will be vetted to ensure that they are of high quality and appropriate to a United Methodist context.

To ensure your input is received, please complete the survey by Thursday, May 15. If you have questions about the survey, please contact Rev. John Fleischauer at or (205) 226-7963.

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