The Upper Room Launches New Website to Engage Users in Global Issues


Moyo: The Place Where Contemplation and Action Meet 

Upper Room Ministries announces the launch of a new online initiative called Moyo ( to help users engage with important global issues like clean water, racial justice, and disaster relief. Visitors of the site will follow a Guided Path (Encounter, Reflect, and Act) to study, reflect, and then physically engage with an issue through multiple offline opportunities. In addition to the Guided Path, visitors can stay informed about current world events through The Feed, a blog-like platform.

 “Moyo was created to be an online meeting place for people, especially young adults, who are interested in the intersection between spiritual and secular, prayer and action,” said publisher Sarah Wilke. “At Moyo, users can study and reflect on today’s concerns, as well as find ways to act and bring about positive change. It encourages both ‘being’ and ‘doing’ as essential spiritual practices.”

During the launch, Moyo will create and curate content based on the theme Race & Image of the Divine. The site features short articles along with multimedia and multisensory experiences, including video, music, photography, and poetry. The content for each theme will be created by experts in the field and by user-generated submissions. 

“Moyo goes beyond our traditional audiences and publishing platforms and stretches The Upper Room in significant ways,” Wilke added. “Given that religiously unaffiliated people are more concentrated among young adults—35% of Millennials are ‘nones’—reminds us that in order to navigate new spiritual landscapes we need new offerings now more than ever.”

Moyo is the Swahili word for heart.

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