Tool for Church Health: Relational Evangelism


“Relational evangelism is not simply about about being nice,” Rev. Bob Alford told the 2017 North Alabama Annual Conference. He then explained that this tool for church health is about looking for opportunities, building relationships and sharing Jesus Christ. 

The 2017 North Alabama Conference emphasis was on Church Health - one of the four Conference priorities. Throughout the day on Monday of Annual Conference, Executive Director of Healthy Congregations Rev. Bob Alford was joined by local church leaders to highlight different tools available to help congregations grow healthier.

During the Relational Evangelism presentation, Rev. Alford called attention to a video the Healthy Congregations Team had produced featuring current United Methodists who shared three things: what brought them to their congregation; what keeps them active in their congregation; and what they would say to other church people as an encouragement to reach others for Jesus Christ. 

Watch the video below.

Rev. Alford also reminded those gathered, “It’s not a matter of a program, but it’s a matter of programs that help point to a larger product. That is… a relationship with Jesus Christ.“

Watch the presentation below:

For more information about Relational Evangelism resources contact the Healthy Congregations office at 205-226-7948 or email or

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