UMVIM Awareness Sunday to be September 23


The North Alabama Conference has designated Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018, as United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) Awareness Sunday. This is an annual Special Sunday celebrated each fall.

The 2016 General Conference approved UMVIM Awareness Sunday to be observed annually on a date to be determined by the annual conference. Local churches are encouraged to take a receive a special offering to be used by the annual conference volunteer in mission program.

Congregations are also encouraged to provide UMVIM displays, information resources, solicit individual or group testimonies, and/or develop other ways to celebrate the UMVIM movement in whatever fashion that best suits the local congregation; and to draw upon the available resources of the Conference UMVIM Committee to help make the day memorable, one of “Christian Love in Action.”

To assist your church in planning for UMVIM Awareness Sunday, United Methodist Volunteers in Mission, Southeastern Jurisdiction offers resources that you can download, print and distribute to your church. Those resources are available at

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