United Counseling offers local churches resources and new ways to connect


United Counseling is a ministry that has provided professional counseling services to people in the North Alabama Conference for more than 45 years.  Recently United Counseling announced new ways for North Alabama congregations to connect with the ministry - including a new website, social media and a new central office location.


This fall United Counseling launched a new website that not only features information about the ministry, but also highlights resources such as books, articles, and links to other helpful websites. The web address is http://unitedcounseling.org.

Rev. Monica Harbarger, Executive Director of United Counseling, explains, “Our goal is to equip anyone who visits the site with something tangible they can begin to use that day. Whether it’s to make an appointment, to buy a book or to find answers to a question, we want the website to be a worthwhile experience.”

She adds, “We want to be a resource not only for clergy, but for your congregation and your community. If you do not already have a counseling resource at your church, we’d love you to link us to your church's website.”

United Counseling has also developed a social media presence. Rev. Harbarger explains, “We are diving into social media in hopes to encourage, inform, inspire, and affirm your ministry, your life stage, or your current struggles. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Links are found at the bottom of the United Counseling website.”

New Central Office Location - 350 Overbook Road, Mountain Brook, Alabama

Over it’s four plus decades of ministry United Counseling’s central office has been located at Caraway Hospital and then on Alford Avenue in Birmingham. Recently the central office once again moved to space on the campus of Canterbury UMC in Mountain Brook. 

Rev. Harbarger explains United Counseling has been gifted space at Canterbury UMC saying,  “Not only are we located on a beautiful campus; we have professional space that is private and safe and peaceful. Through this gift, we can dream about what is next for us as an organization and as a ministry.”

In addition to to the Central Office, there are satellite offices across North Alabama including Alford Avenue in Birmingham, Asbury UMC in Shelby County, CrossWinds UMC in Harvest, Lincoln Mill Campus in Huntsville and Pleasant Hill UMC in Bessemer.  

For more information about United Counseling visit http://unitedcounseling.org.

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