United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse requests supply donations


On Sunday, April 30, 2017, 26 tornadoes struck middle Mississippi and damaged 600 homes. One hundred of those homes were destroyed. This week volunteers at the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse in Decatur responded to a request from the Mississippi Conference Disaster Coordinator and sent four trailer loads of needed supplies. This shipment included 569 tornado buckets.

After responding to this disaster, as well as many previous disasters, supplies are now low at the Warehouse. There are only 108 tornado buckets left in stock.

The Disaster Response Warehouse covers seven Annual Conferences in five states. Other annual conferences are helping, but no one knows where the next disaster will occur. Having supplies at the ready is key.

Your congregation can help replenish the supply of Tornado buckets and other Disaster Response kits. Groups of all ages and sizes can be a part of Disaster Response ministry by collecting items and compiling kits.

Tornado Bucket Supply List

(A Tornado Bucket is a collection of disaster response items frequently requested from the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse following tornados.)

  • 1 large medicine bottle of roofing nails
  • 1 pair leather palm-cloth backs gloves [used for debris cleanup]
  • 1 magic marker [to mark boxes]
  • 1 roll wide cellophane tape [for boxes]
  • 15 large black trash bags with drawstrings [for trash]
  • 10 clear or white 33 gal kitchen trash bags with drawstrings [for salvageable items]
  • 10 gallon zip lock bags [for small salvageable items]
  • 1 box cutter
  • 1 roll of toilet tissue in a zip lock bag
  • 1 claw hammer [for tarping roof]
  • 1 pair safety glasses
  • 6 large clear plastic bags [to cover blown out windows]
  • 1 pencil, shirt-pocket size notebook & pencil sharpener [for notes and family to do lists]
  • 3 tampons or pads in a snack size zip lock bag
  • 1 flashlight and separate batteries (appropriate number and size for flashlight)
  • 1 insect repellant
  • 1 bucket lid wrench/opener (taped to outside of the bucket to open bucket)

Attach to the outside of the bucket (not the top) a list of what is in the bucket printed on church letterhead. If you have questions concerning the tornado buckets, please contact the United Methodist Disaster Relief Warehouse at 256-341-9961.

In addition to tornado buckets, groups can make UMCOR kits such as cleaning buckets or health kits. Go to www.umcor.org/UMCOR/Relief-Supplies for instructions for UMCOR kits.

Please remember the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse is staffed by volunteers. Before delivering any supplies to the Warehouse please arrange your drop off time by calling 256-341-9961.

You can also make financial donations to the U.M. Disaster Warehouse by mailing checks to P.O. Box 1133, Decatur, AL 35602.

Volunteers are always needed and welcome at the United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse. Please contact the Warehouse for details and to schedule your group.

The United Methodist Disaster Response Warehouse is located at 3220 Hwy 31 South, Building F, Decatur, AL 35603.

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