Upper Sand Mountain Parish partners with OxyMed to provide medical devices to under-resourced members of the community


Thanks to the partnership between the Upper Sand Mountain Parish donors, staff and volunteers, and local OxyMed staff, many under-resourced residents of the Upper Sand Mountain Plateau will be able to obtain much needed, but very expensive, medical devices at very little cost.

Rev. James “Woody” Woodin, Executive Director of the Upper Sand Mountain Parish (USMP) recently presented OxyMed staff of the Rainsville, Alabama, store two medical devices that have been donated to USMP. These devices are among several that the Parish has donated. These devices will be cleaned, inspected and presented to under-resourced members of the area.

Rev. Woodin celebrates this ministry with the poor partnership on Sand Mountain! He also encourages anyone who has used, working medical devices that are no longer needed to not throw them away but instead seek a way they can help others. One option is to work with your congregation to set up a collection point where they can be delivered to medical equipment distributors who would be willing to clean, inspect, and then offer them to the under-resourced members of your local community who could not afford them otherwise.

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