Upper Sand Mountain Parish, Society of St. Andrew partner to feed the hungry

August 26, 2020

Earlier this summer, two Advance Special agencies of the North Alabama Conference came together to distribute more than 20,000 pounds of fresh sweet potatoes in communities across several counties. Society of St. Andrew, an organization which works with farmers to glean produce, and Upper Sand Mountain Parish (USMP), which ministers to those living in poverty in Jackson and DeKalb Counties, spent about four hours with dozens of volunteers to organize the event in an effort to get the fresh produce into food-insecure households.

"In the midst of these times of great strain and unrest for a multitude of human reasons, the Body of Christ continues to be led and moved by the power of the Living God," said Rev. James "Woody" Woodin, Executive Director of USMP. "I anticipate this partnership continuing to be a blessed and long-standing relationship."

Missionary partners from Northeast Alabama and Northwest Georgia helped distribute the sweet potatoes. "I even took the opportunity to begin to train the next generation of forklift operators!" Rev. Woodin said.

To learn more about how you can help these organizations, contact USMP at 256-638-2126, or call the area office of Society of St. Andrew at 205-245-3215.

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