Urban Ministry's Joe Rush offers summer mission opportunity for youth groups

March 17, 2022

Joe Rush has long been one of Urban Ministry’s flagship programs. This summer missions camp brings in church youth groups to paint houses, repair exteriors and complete small projects alongside neighbors in the West End area of Birmingham.

Groups arrive on Sunday and work through Thursday evening. Housing is available for groups of almost any size. The Walnut Grove dorm will hold 20-40 people comfortably and provides access to a kitchen and group meeting space. Groups provide their own food. Lodging at Walnut Grove is $99 per person for the week.

Urban Ministry staff also provides meaningful programming, including games and discussions centered around biblical stories of justice and equality to help groups connect the work they are doing throughout the day with the larger story of Christian faith that teaches above all else to love our neighbor.

The work at Joe Rush extends beyond painting and home repair. It happens when students and adult chaperones get to know the homeowners. It happens when church members who didn’t know each other before getting to know each other. It happens when individuals from the suburbs become friends with individuals of West End. It happens when affluent churches commit to long-term support of Urban Ministry, an Advance Special of the North Alabama Conference.

The 2022 work camp price is $199 per person and includes the basic supplies and equipment to complete a group’s work.

Contact Urban Ministry YOU Serve Director Casey Hobbs at casey@urban-ministry.org for more information and to book a memorable and meaningful trip for your youth.

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