"Reaching Accessibility for all Methodist People"

Reaching Accessibility for all Methodist People (R.A.M.P.)  is a non-profit ministry created out of the North Alabama Conference’s Disability Ministries. It is now a Conference Advance Special. Individuals and churches may donate money through this Advance Special (896 Fund – Special Disabilities Ministries Fund) to help make churches and homes accessible for persons with disabilities.

Our Mission is simple to provide ramps (or help with other accessibility areas: accessible bathrooms in churches; help with elevators or chair lifts in churches) for churches and residents so that ALL of God’s Children might be able to get out of their homes and into their local Houses of God to worship Him.

Applications are accepted on a “first-come / first-served” basis. Money is provided as long as funds are available.


Application Process

In order to apply for a RAMP scholarship, please print and complete the application and mail or email to the contact listed on the application. 

How Local Churches and Individuals Can Help

  1. Provide donations to the special 896 Fund (Note this is one requirement to be a Bridge Builder Church)
  2. Pray for this ministry
  3. Have members who are willing to be a part of an Accessible Habitat Team
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