General Agency: United Methodist Publishing House

November 01, 2021

United Methodist Publishing House

The oldest and largest of the denomination’s general agencies, the United Methodist Publishing House traces its beginnings to the late 1700s. As the official publisher of The United Methodist Church, the Publishing House distributes the official publications, records and forms of the denomination, including The Book of Discipline, The Book of Resolutions, The United Methodist Hymnal and The United Methodist Book of Worship. It publishes books through Abingdon Press and operates Cokesbury, its retail division, and, which offers online resources and community for leaders. The publishing house also produces and distributes church school materials and study resources throughout the denomination. It is self-supporting and receives no denominational funding.


General agencies are the regularly established councils, boards, commissions, committees, or other units with ongoing responsibilities that have been constituted by the General Conference. They provide essential services and ministries beyond the scope of individual local congregations and annual conferences through services and ministries that are highly focused, flexible, and capable of rapid response.

(For more about General Agencies see ¶701 of The United Methodist Book of Discipline)

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