General Agency: General Council on Finance and Administration

November 01, 2021

General Council on Finance and Administration

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) ministry includes protecting the legal interests of the denomination, collecting and analyzing statistics, serving as the trustees of the financial assets given to the denomination and maintaining an insurance program available to all United Methodist congregations in the United States where acceptable on an underwriting basis. GCFA administers the finances and operational needs of the denomination and serves as the general treasurer of the denomination. They also assist and advise jurisdictions and central conferences, annual conferences, districts and local churches in matters ranging from hiring to digital tools to discount buying programs – and much more!

General agencies are the regularly established councils, boards, commissions, committees, or other units with ongoing responsibilities that have been constituted by the General Conference. They provide essential services and ministries beyond the scope of individual local congregations and annual conferences through services and ministries that are highly focused, flexible, and capable of rapid response.

(For more about General Agencies see ¶701 of The United Methodist Book of Discipline)

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