IT Help: Microsoft 365 Outlook Web Access - Junk Email

November 01, 2021

Did you check your email over the weekend on your mobile device and find your inbox littered with junk email?  Odds are your client-side, desktop Outlook will see these junk emails for what they are and move them to the junk email folder.  However, you want them gone before you go to the office.  Server-side rules, like in this article, come to save the day.

To tag emails as junk email at the server, you'll need to sign into your Outlook Web Access (OWA) at using your account, usually @("@")

Once your are at your OWA Inbox, tagging email as junk is as simple as right-clicking the email.  A menu pops up.  Go down the menu and click on Security Options and then Mark as junk.  Poof! The email has been removed from your inbox and now, when the sender sends another, the server will automatically mark it as read and move it off to the Junk mail folder

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