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Scheduling a Safe Sanctuaries Training

Please contact your District Office to coordinate a Safe Sanctuary Training. There are currently certified district trainers that can train locally, and your District Office can put you in touch with one or more of those trainers. Note that trainings are scheduled through the District Office in order to help you connect with a trainer who is both local to you and has relevant experience to your ministry setting that can serve as an ongoing resource. To view the contact information for your district click here, or click here to look up in which district you are located. 

Become a Safe Sanctuaries Certified District or Local Church Trainer

We're so thankful for your desire to become a District or Local Church Safe Sanctuaries Trainer! Trainers are instrumental to helping local churches, districts, and organizations within the North Alabama Conference develop, implement, and update Safe Sanctuaries policies. 

Expectations and Requirements for Trainers

While we will go over specific expectations for trainers during your certification session, here are the basics of being a Safe Sanctuaries trainer:

  • Have a passion for helping churches, districts, and ministries within the North Alabama Conference develop policies and procedures for protecting children, youth, and vulnerable adults.
  • Be available to conduct trainings and be an ongoing resource for either your local church or your district, provided that every effort will be made to accommodate your schedule as a volunteer.
  • Complete an initial six-hour in-person training prior to certification and annual online recertification.
  • Assist the District and Conference with reviewing policies and advising churches on the development and implementation of policies.


Certification Process

The process for certification is the same for a district or local church trainer, with the exception that there is a $50 certification fee and $30 recertification fee for local church trainers. The process is:

  1. Complete a Safe Sanctuaries Trainer Application. This application will then be sent to your District Office for review and approval, who may contact you if additional information is needed.
  2. Complete a background check, the request for which will be sent by the Connectional Ministries office at the Conference approximately a week prior to your certification session. Note that you do not need to complete a background check if you have completed one in the twelve months prior to your certification session through the Conference or through a local church or ministry with a branch account through ESS.
  3. Register for and attend a  Certification Session. Certification sessions are offered twice per year, typically in April/May and October/November. If you have an approved application on file, you will automatically be notified when certification sessions are scheduled. If you are unable to attend the next scheduled training, your application will remain valid for up to 12 months for you to attend a future training without completing a new application.
  4. Complete an annual recertification process including an application and online training. This is our chance to connect with you, hear your feedback, and provide you with any updates about Safe Sanctuaries policy and best practices  at the Conference level.

Have questions about this process? Contact John Fleischauer at

District and Local Church Trainer Certification Sessions

To view and register for upcoming certification sessions, click here.

Please note that certification sessions are offered twice per year, typically in October/November and April/May. If there are no events listed at the above link, it means that the next training sessions have not yet been scheduled. 

If you are interested in being certified as a trainer, you can complete an application by clicking here. Anyone with an approved application on file will automatically be notified once the next training session(s) are scheduled. If you are unable to attend the next scheduled training, your application will remain valid for 12 months for you to register for a future training without completing a new application.

District Trainer Recertification

All district trainer recertification sessions are now being completed online. You will receive an email once the online recertification is set up if you are due for recertification.

Beginning Fall 2016, an application is required for both certification and recertification. Please complete the application by clicking here, and once approved by your district you will receive instructions to register for a training session.

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