Superannuate Homes

The Board of Superannuate Homes currently manages 117 homes for retired clergy and surviving spouses.  The Annie Sue Kelley Humphrey Trust has built 101 of these residences.  Sixteen additional homes have been donated by individuals or local churches. 

Clergy members of the North Alabama Conference who have a minimum of 15 years of full-time service (Elder, Deacon, Associate Member or Full-time Local Pastor) are eligible to occupy a superannuate home or to request that consideration be given to build a new home for their occupancy. There are certain other guidelines that are part of the assignment of a retiree and his or her spouse to a Superannuate Home.

The Board of Superannuate Homes is happy to be invited to a local church to share the Superannuate Homes story.


For more information contact:

  • Rev. Sam Williamson, Director of Community & Property Care
    (205) 226-7968 (office), (205) 965-5189 (mobile) or

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