TRIBES - Summer Programming

TRIBES is a recreation league designed to help churches reach youth. Youth compete in weekly challenges on teams. At the end of the summer, the teams compete in a championship tournament based on their win/loss record. TRIBES provides a league structure to plan and create team challenges and games. Youth are used to playing in city and school recreation leagues. TRIBES is a league that last an entire summer (usually 5-6 weeks) and a score is kept. TRIBES creates team enthusiasm and youth attend because they want to help their team win. In TRIBES teams must work together to win. This teamwork builds unity and community in your youth ministry. TRIBES works because teenagers bond socially when they are having fun. Before any event, most teenagers ask two questions: (1) “Who is going to be there?” and, (2) “Will this be any fun?” TRIBES answers both of these questions because it attracts teenagers, is fun and builds community through recreation.
From creator Rusty Sizemore:
During the summer of 2001 I wanted to change our summer schedule to bring more youth on Wednesday nights. The question was how. Each June, attendance would decline because of family vacations and summer trips. It was hard to keep or gain any momentum. During the school year, our youth would meet every Wednesday night for worship and Bible study. I wanted to try something different during the summer. I needed a change of pace and environment, and I wanted to do something outside. Part of our weekly youth service always included a game. Most of the games we played never required teamwork. But what if they did? What if the games gave students a reason to want to attend to help their team win? And what if the games began to bring new students, and build community through competition? The question was how. The answer became TRIBES.

Since I began leading youth in 1986, TRIBES is the best summer outreach program I have ever used. It bonds youth through teamwork, is a lot of fun, and has brought youth to church to hear about Christ. The first year I created TRIBES, our youth group was averaging about 40 on Wednesday nights. By the end of the summer, we were averaging 80! Youth were bringing their friends! Two years later I changed churches and I introduced TRIBES. Every summer that I have provided TRIBES it has increased my summer attendance. I believe recreation is great platform to bring youth to Christ.
TRIBES will create excitement and bring new youth to your church. Your youth will love it! In every church that I offered TRIBES it became a summer tradition. I have found that rotating events during the year produces an enthusiasm and tradition that youth look forward to. The team challenges, the community and the creativity of TRIBES will attract teenagers. TRIBES will open doors to share Christ with everyone who attends.
TRIBES is available to all North Alabama Conference churches at no cost, as the conference has purchased a conference-wide license. Your registration is valid for your current North Alabama Conference church only. If you take a different church within the conference, you will be required to re-register. If you move to a church outside of the conference, you will be required to purchase another license.
Specific rules apply and a written agreement must be signed to participate. For more information, visit our registration page in the link below.


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