Virtual VBS: How It Works

How It Works

Registration lies within the conference office in order to distribute materials to each participant each day. Churches can promote the link for registration and families can sign up individually. Primary delivery for virtual VBS will be in digital format (for example, via email, sites like YouTube/Vimeo for videos), and participants will get an email each day with the suggested schedule and a list of activities as well as videos that accompany them. There will also be a synchronous worship time together as well on a platform called Church Online, either in the morning or evening (which would be available on demand if missed). Families can work at their own pace. There is also a possibility that some areas may be able to do a type of backyard activity with some neighbors, for which Safe Sanctuaries guidelines will be provided. There will be activity sheets and videos for each day to do a craft, snack, science experiment, Bible story, game, and service/mission activity. Plus, participants can submit photos of their activities to a specific link to share with others through a video slideshow we hope to show during the synchronous worship! There's even a possibility of kids singing our custom-written theme song and editing it to be a virtual choir for all of the participants to see and to show at Annual Conference. 

Beginning June 18, a list of supplies will be provided to participants to allow collection of items, all of which will be common things around the house (toilet paper rolls, raisins, pencils, etc.). For those who do not have the means to collect these, local churches may be able to provide supplies kits. When people register, they will choose whether they want a fully digital option or a mailed paper option. The digital one will come to someone's inbox each day with instructions. The mailed option will be sent a week ahead so that there are full instructions and alternative ways to view the instructional videos. 

If a church wishes to do a separate week later than July 13, a leader can sign up and get the digital options each day and then distribute to their participants at a later time. We will ask that churches let us know how many people are participating with them, so that we can keep up with how many total kids are part of this virtual VBS!


Small Group Cohorts or Family/Neighborhood Bubbles

In some areas within our conference, it may be safe enough to meet in backyards or homes for small groups. In the instance that this is permitted by your congregation and area (with regards to the Conference's Do No Harm reopening guidelines), we encourage these groupings to always abide by Safe Sanctuaries protocols.

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