Your Church, Your Community

Christ calls us to live our faith outside of our church walls. If your church wants to reach out to the community surrounding it, a good place to start is to get to know the people living in your community.

The North Alabama Conference has a powerful tool which allows you to see the demographic makeup of your congregation, as well as your community. It is called MissionInsite. New and Renewing Churches is providing this tool to churches free of charge. 

These profiles will allow you to see the economic, educational, and age-based needs in your community. 

You will receive an opportunity to see your church stats, as well as your community composition. For example, you could compare your age makeup of your congregation vs. that of the community:

Important questions that you might ask:

  • How does my congregation compare with the make-up of the community?
  • What can my church say to people we are not reaching?

For more help on reaching out to your community, contact Dr. Adlene Kufarimai.

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